2017 Pixel Prize Theme: Empathy

Contemporary life is full of images because they can tell us a big story in an instant. Sometimes, there’s an image that really shows us something new:  that alters our perception and invites us to share in a world unknown, or perhaps strangely familiar to our own. It might challenge us to see a new viewpoint, to change our behaviour or see the beauty in the rhythms of ordinary, everyday life. Art has the capacity to challenge what we think is important or reveal something we never realised before and, therefore, change us forever.  The artist creates their story, their thoughts and feelings are folded into their work for the viewer to see, and together they share a connection through the limitlessness of the imaginative process: this is empathy.

The theme of this years’ Pixel Prize is ‘Empathy.’ We invite you to create an original photograph or a digital collage that engages in any way with this theme. Everyone has their own special story, interest or curiosity – share it with us.