2012 NSW Winners and highly commended finalists

2012 NSW Winners and highly commended finalists

Winner (Best Representation of Culture)
Daniel Muscat (Year 10, St John The Evangelist)
The Hand
Description: The substance of paint which takes over the individual. The evolution of the cultural artist inside us grabbing us to make us the art – Self Portrait

Highly Commended Finalist (Best Representation of Culture)
Vianna Nguyen (Year 11, Good Samaritan Catholic College)
Description: Recently travelling to Vietnam for my cousins wedding, this photograph is of my sisters and nephew as we waited in the heat and in traditional Vietnamese dresses watching the gifts arrive. Unfortunately I had used over due film and it didn’t come out as good as it could have.

Winner (Best Image Composition)
Jordan Abram (Year 10, Moriah College)
My Brother Jye
Description: This is one of a series of 3 images titled “My Brother Jye” were taken on an Olympus OM-1 film camera with black and white film, then hand developed in a dark room. I took the photos on a recent trip to the outback and reflect the relaxed nature of the Australian lifestyle. They were taken all on a 50mm lens.

Highly Commended Finalist (Best Image Composition)
Poppy Hunter (Year 12, Pymble Ladies College)

Fun reflection
Description: It’s in our blood to reflect on the fun times, especial when it’s dark or dull.
Winner (Most Original Photograph)
Hannah Sabellico (Year 10, St Agnes Catholic High School)
Back to the 80’s
Description: This image depicts the surrealist movement as me and my friend Tatum have travelled from the 80’s to the common era in order to get lobsters. This is creating a new type of cultural aspect by incorporating the two eras in a humorous way. I believe this shows culture as it depicts us in clothes from the 80’s era while we are in front of a plain professional looking background in order to show that we are out of place in society and don’t blend in.

Highly Commended Finalist
(Most Original Photograph)
Shumin Tan (Year 10, North Sydney Girls High School)
My Queen
Description: This image depicts my grandmother (right) in comparison to Queen Elizabeth II (left), as they are both inspiring and influential figures in shaping my cultural experiences and views. They both share a love of nature & gardening, and thus the image displays the unexpected similarities between the two, although they come from different cultural backgrounds and upbringings. (Image of Queen Elizabeth II courtesy of Getty Images – also seen in http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/gardening/jubilee-legacies-floral-highlights-of-the-queens-859520).

Winner (Best Suite of Multiple Images)
Kate Simmons (Year 7, Kincoppal-Rose Bay)
Retro_Image 1
Description: The life of a drover, a full time job
Retro_Image 2
Description: A shed that’s done its time
Retro_Image 3
Description: A necessity-a farmers workshop

Highly Commended Finalist (Best Suite of Multiple Images)
Blaise Bell (Year 12, St Augustines College)
Sunday Afternoon’s
The Bench
The Benches
Description: This photograph shows the normal weekend for a teenager on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It shows a bunch of teenagers hanging out at their local bench at the beach; talking, laughing, eating, hanging out and simply enjoying being part of a great culture which one day won’t be theirs due to more young teenagers coming and taking care of the bench.

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