VIC Winners’ Profile

VIC Winners’ Profile

Meet with Camille Mance, Winner (Best Suite of Multiple Images):“Photography to me is a way of looking at the world in detail. In a photo, you can capture something that the human eye is not able to see for itself.

My hobbies include playing the trumpet, travelling and of course taking photos!

Taking part in The Pixel Prize was a really great experience. It showed me a whole new area of photography that I didn’t really know existed. Looking at other people’s images was also a great way to see how they interpret the art of photography.

In 10 years, I’m not too sure what I’ll be doing however one thing is for sure, I’ll be taking lots of photographs!”

Meet with Stephanie Nguyen, Winner (Best Representation of Culture): “What I like most about photography is the way a person captures a moment of life through lenses. A camera can capture magnificent moment in motion. It is that precise moment when a photographer feels a sense of triumph and contentment. This is what I like most about photography. The emotion and pleasure you get after you take that precious picture. The sensation and delight you give to the viewer.  This is photography.

My experience in participating in ‘The Pixel Prize’ was an extraordinary one. When putting my image into the competition, I never thought for one second I could win it. I never knew I had to potential to win something like this. Entering this competition was one of the best things I did this year.

In 10 years time, I hope to do something that can bring change to the world; maybe I can become an entrepreneur and start my own company. But whatever it is I do, I hope to find happiness and I hope everyone around me finds the happiness they want, doing what they love.”

See Camille and Stephanie’s photographs and those of our 2012 Winners and Highly Commended Finalists, here