NSW Winners’ Profile

NSW Winners’ Profile

Meet with Jordan Abram, Winner (Best Image Composition)

“The thing I love most about photography is that you can capture the world and its inhabitants in such creative ways. The ability to pause time and capture the moment is incredible.
Three of my hobbies are photography, surfing and art.
Participating in The Pixel Prize was a great way to explore the world of photography through a particular theme. It was challenging but a great experience and definitely a Prize I would recommend participating in.
In 10 years, I would like to be working in Fashion Photography and/or Marketing.”

Meet with Daniel Muscat, Winner (Best Representation of Culture)

“What I like most about photography is that it really exists once you take the picture, and you really enjoy the feedback.
I’m really into art, so I really like painting and sculpture, as well as photography. At the moment I’m practicing Spray Paint Space Art.
The Pixel Prize is a great way to get your hidden works exhibited. And winning a top prize really makes you feel good.
I would really like to be a landscape or portrait photographer. I would also love to go more into painting and try make a business out of that.”

Meet with Kate Simmons, Winner (Best Suite of Multiple Images)

“Photography allows you to capture the beauty and the different aspects of the world.
My pastimes are include playing sport at school, taking photographs, especially when I go home and I love cooking cakes and biscuits.
The Pixel Prize was very exciting , it opened my eyes to the whole scope of talent that we have in Sydney and allowed me to be part of that!
In 10 years, I would like to be travelling and living around the world.”

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