2013 QLD Winners and highly commended finalists

2013 QLD Winners and highly commended finalists

Winner (Best representation of the theme ‘Visions of a Sustainable World’)
ERYN MATHESON – Year 10, Moreton Bay College
Untitled – “Without sustainability we wouldn’t have places like this to call home. If people continue to take advantage and disrespect the world it is beautiful places like this we would lose. We have to love and take care of the world to be able to enjoy it.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Best representation of the theme ‘Visions of a Sustainable World’)
DUC TRUONG – Year 10, Canterbury College
Greenland – No description provided

Winner (Best image composition)
RACHEL VAN LUYN – Year 8, Canterbury College
Honey Eater Flight – “This beautiful bird is simply brilliant in contrast to the dull wooden wall. It is almost as if the wall is separating the bird from the rest of the world, this is not how we will keep our world sustained and in balance with nature by caging its true owners.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Best image composition)
KEITH LO – Year 12, John Paul College
Future Wheels – “Every day fossil fuels are burnt which produces large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This photograph depicts the sustainable future of researching to incorporate technology to one of the simplest form of transport, the bicycle, to reduce carbon footprint and fossil fuel use.”

Winner (Most original photograph)
YASEERA MOOSA – Year 12, John Paul College
Oxygen Footprint – “We are constantly told that we need to reduce our “carbon footprint” to help the environment but I think an aspect of sustainability which is often overlooked is the importance of planting something that will leave an “oxygen footprint”.”
Nature’s Light – “The future of sustainability lies in finding affordable renewable energy sources in nature that can be used globally. This picture was inspired by the idea that perhaps someday we may rely on nature for power without destroying it.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Most original photograph)
KATHERINE SAMPSON – Year 10, St Joseph’s College
Sustanability is Only in Some Places – “Only certain places on earth are affected by issues and nobody does anything about it.”

Winner (Digital Darkroom)
EGHOSA OTABO – Year 10, John Paul College
Future surfing – “This is how I pictured what the oceans would look like in a future where we kept on polluting the seas but still expected it to provide us with the joys of life we experience at the beach today. It’s meant to be a wake up call to those who take the ocean for granted.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Digital Darkroom)
NIKITA GOMES – Year 12, St Rita’s College
A New World – “The juxtaposition of the turtle in an industrialised environment mirrors the current state of our oceans. This photograph has a pessimistic quality that highlights the dire need for environmental sustainability to prevent the destruction of nature.”