2013 NSW Winners and highly commended finalists

2013 NSW Winners and highly commended finalists

Winner (Best representation of the theme ‘Visions of a Sustainable World’)
MICHELLE STEVENSON – Year 11, Gilroy Catholic College
One Bright Light Is Extinguished Every Four Days – “A sustainable solution needs to be found revolving around youth suicide. The vision is to majorly reduce the cases of accomplished youth suicide; in a year 91.25 youth die in Australia. As youth suicide rates are on the rise if prevention isn’t put into place the societal sustainability of the world will drop quickly dramatically quite quickly. Those hardest to love need it most it is our responsibility to bring about change to sustain the youth of Australia.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Best representation of the theme ‘Visions of a Sustainable World’)
MARK DALLI – Year 12, Sydney Distance Education High School
Turbocharged Carbon Storm – “Clag, nowadays a rear sight of spectacular black exhaust emission of many older diesel locomotives. The end of a cheap, dirty, toxic, unhealthy and unsustainable era, currently been vastly replaced with new 21st century technology, with a bright and clean sustainable horizon.”

Winner (Best image composition)
LUCY ALLEN – Year 12, Roseville College
Think – “As a young generation, we can choose to live our lives thinking about the different ways in which we can provide a sustainable world. It is this ‘thinking’ that allows for ideas, solutions and education to happen throughout our world regarding the world’s sustainable future. This is conveyed in this image through the symbolic presence of the flowers, representing sustainability in their vibrancy, diversity, growth and dependence on other factors to stay alive. The flowers adorn the young girls head, further conveying the idea of this young generation ‘thinking sustainably’.”

Give Them Hope – “Sustainability in an individual is the ‘potential for long-term maintenance of well being’. This image explores the consequences of an individual not having this potential to maintain well-being. The un-identifiable young girl whose face is hidden in shadow represents the young generation in our world that is increasingly affected by a lack of individual sustainability. The flowers in the image symbolize the hope that is present for these young people in society today in finding their own sustainability in having the potential for long term-maintenance of well being.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Best image composition)
CATHERINE STIVAKTAS – Year 9, All Saints Grammar
Destiny rd, Where are we heading? – “Where are we heading in life? It’s never too late to turn around.”

The door to the future – “The future is in our hands, it just depends which door we decide to take.”

Winner (Most original photograph)
DANIEL MUSCAT – Year 11, St Johns The Evangelist Catholic High School
Mozzie Central – “As the person walks away from the abandoned house he is leaving it to be ‘abandoned’. As nature takes back man made creations, sustainability can be a hard subject to manage if people leave their makings for nature to claim it back. – Self Portrait”

Highly Commended Finalist (Most original photograph)
GEORGIA AKLE – Year 12, Our Lady of Mercy College
Drowning in our world (Image 1) – “As temperatures are rising due to human impact it is evident that sea levels are increasing rapidly. Eventually the map we know will be very different and our much loved cities and coastal regions will disappear underwater. My images reflect the world we know today underwater in the future.”

Drowning in our world (Image 2) – Same description as above

Drowning in our world (Image 3) – Same description as above

Winner (Digital Darkroom)
IOANA ANTIN – Year 10, North Sydney Girls High School
A Better Place – “The present time in which we live may be gray, hopeless and unsustainable. But we hold the potential to transform our world – to transport ourselves to a better place. There exists a better future, which we can attain together.”

Change – “Humanity’s greatest gift is the ability to change. The present world in which live today may be unsustainable, yet it harbors the potential for change. We can change, we can grow – we can arrive at a sustainable future.”

Hope – “No matter how unsustainable and hopeless our current world is, we can hope to learn from our mistakes and grow towards a better future.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Digital Darkroom)
JOEL SYMONDS – Year 10, Moriah College
Tradition – “This image depicts two varying perspectives of a man binding his commitment to marry his future wife at his engagement party. My vision of a sustainable world is conveyed through a strong tradition, which has been displayed in my photograph. Years of tradition are the fundamentals of a sustainable world.”

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