2013 VIC Winners and highly commended finalists

2013 VIC Winners and highly commended finalists

Winner (Best representation of the theme ‘Visions of a Sustainable World’)
DEVAN MCINDOE – Year 11, Gippsland Grammar
My little ‘green’ Grandma (Image 3) – “Surrounded in her little green world”

Highly Commended Finalist (Best representation of the theme ‘Visions of a Sustainable World’)
STEPHANIE ANANIDIS – Year 7, Catholic Regional College
Untitled – “My image represents sustainability because it shows a row of bikes and we all know that riding our bikes to school is more sustainable than driving because it creates co2. I think this image is sustainable as well because the environment around it is a healthy environment and shows nature in its finest.”

Winner (Best image composition)
STEPHANIE MUSTICA – Year 10, Killester College
Living Together – “My picture represents not only the key aspect of the flower but the whole sustainability idea, focusing what sustainability truly is about; environmentally and Urban living choosing black and white brings out a different vibe and mood in a picture.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Best image composition)
COURTNEY BLICK – Year 9,  Notre Dame College
Dream On, Dreamer – “To immerse in the gifts that nature has given us is wonderful. Experiencing the things that we want to maintain and enjoy, like elements such as freedom and peace, gives us an understanding of what steps we need to take to achieve sustainability and harmony with nature.”

Winner (Most original photograph)
KATE TAYLOR – Year 8, Academy of Mary Immaculate
Hands of the Future – “My image, depicts how the future is really in the hands of our youths today, and how that a sustainable sources like wind farms need to be used as alternatives for a better and cleaner future.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Most original photograph)
ANGEL YOUNG – Year 11, Gippsland Grammar
Maze – “The maze and pathway of the native people took. It’s telling a story of the life and ways of the Den of Nargon Koori’s.”

Winner (Digital Darkroom)
MATILDA DONOVAN – Year 12, Loreto College Mandeville Hall
Fading away – “This photograph depicts a forest that is fading away from our world due to the unsustainable behaviour of humans. The circle represents the importance of a natural balance on earth.”

Highly Commended Finalist (Digital Darkroom)
SINEA MCCULLAGH – Year 10, Lavalla Catholic College
Landscape – “In 2009 areas of south-east Victoria were diminished by devastating ‘Black Saturday’ bush fires. Sustainability plays a huge role in these areas; those who choose to live in this landscape do so despite the environmental risks. We must build and live sustainably in order to co-exist with our unique environment.”

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