Meet our 2011 VIC winner

Meet our 2011 VIC winner


Name: Stephanie Durran
School: Sacred Heart College Geelong

First Prize Winner of the 2011 Melbourne Pixel Prize

Winning entry: St Anthony
Description: There’s nothing more beautiful than when an entire Italian community of people unite to celebrate a joyous occasion. This photo of the ‘Feast of St. Anthony’ truly shows spirit and faith of people from all ages, putting their lives on hold to share this special day with their community.

How would you describe your experience participating in the Pixel Prize competition?
It has been a great experience participating in the Pixel Prize as it has allowed me to realise my potential as a young photographer. It was fun entering into the Pixel Prize doing something that I love and that I am passionate about.

What do you enjoy most about photography?
I love the way you can capture a moment in life through the lens of a camera and the infinite amount of creativity that can be portrayed through a photo. 

What are your career aspirations?
I would love to study nursing however I would like to perhaps complete a degree in the arts in order to widen my knowledge and techniques in photography.

What is your advice to high school students wishing to enter the Pixel Prize competition?
I would strongly recommend high school students who have a passion in photography to enter the Pixel Prize competition because it is a great opportunity to show case hidden talent.

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