Meet our 2011 NSW winner

Meet our 2011 NSW winner


Name: Laura Colantonio
School: Domremy College

First Prize Winner of the 2011 Sydney Pixel Prize

Winning entry: Insanity within Society
Description: My image displays the frustrations and confusions that we as a society bottle up inside ourselves throughout life, they have been released through the blurred image of the subject who resembles a spirit. She is the spirit who haunts the community letting out her negative energy on society, she is a reflection of our inner frustrations.

How was the Pixel Prize Sydney Awards Night?
I enjoyed having the opportunity to view everyone’s photos. It’s always nice to see other people’s work, especially those who are at the same education level. Moreover, it was an opportunity to speak with others passionate about photography, particularly the judge (Sandy Edwards, Photographer at Stills Gallery) who gave me a lot of great information.

Is it your first time participating in a photo comp?
Yes, it is my first time. After the Pixel Prize experience, I am very likely to enter other competitions. I think it’s a good way to get feedback and exposure.

What do you like about photography?
Through an image, you are able to convey emotions, narrative and moods. I enjoy manipulating photos and going through the editing process although at times it can be difficult. I enjoy creating art but have terrible drawing skills so I like using photography as a way of creative expression.

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