Meet our 2011 QLD Winner

Meet our 2011 QLD Winner

Name: Geon Woo Park
School: John Paul College

First Prize Winner of the 2011 Brisbane Pixel Prize

Winning entry: Busyness man
Description: There are many busy people in this society and they are considered to be indifferent to other people. However, through the manipulation of time and space, I composed the selected actors together in one scene as if they all existed at the same time so that it represents a sense of community spirit…

How would you describe your experience participating in the Pixel Prize competition?
I think participating in this competition has helped me study the character of an object. Also, it was a great opportunity for me to find what I can do and I enjoyed the whole process of preparing the photo for this competition.

What do you enjoy most about photography?
In ordinary life, I don’t see or feel all the things surrounding me. However, as soon as I grab my camera, I try to focus on all the objects’ character. Then once I capture its decisive moment, I release the shutter. After everything’s done, I feel great joy to what I take from an object.

What is your advice to high school students wishing to enter the Pixel Prize competition?
I think participating in the competition itself is a good experience for them to study photography. This is the best opportunity to find your talent and test what you can do.

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